Hack any CCTV Camera

Hacking of CCTV is very easy by this hack.You only hack those CCTV Camera which are connected to internet,by the way now a days all CCTV Camera Are connected to internet.hack a CCTV Camera with your phone and laptop.you have full access to CCTV camera.this is a simple trick .but this trick is only for … Continue reading Hack any CCTV Camera


Use specific country(US,PL) IP address from any place

Today I show how you travel your id address from one country to another,Before starting you have to know about IP address .The  IP (Internet Protocol) is the main protocol that computers use to talk to each other. When two computers talk to each other, data passes from computer to computer. It sends this information in the form of packets. IP also gives … Continue reading Use specific country(US,PL) IP address from any place