Recharge tricks(earn money)

Hi guys, today I am giving you some working free recharge tricks for android users.  In this post, you will get all free recharge giving apps details.While searching free recharge tricks on google, you will find so many free recharge tricks and apps. But the thing is that the chance of working these free recharge tricks/ apps is less. most of them may be fake. But not all. Yeah, there are a lot of genuine android apps giving free recharge for completing some simple tasks. You can earn even unlimited free recharge using your one android device. still You can’t believe ? yeah, it’s true.

Now I show you some recharge tricks for android-

1- Mcent – Highest paying recharge app-

Mcent is the biggest free recharge earning site. You can download Mcent to your android device and you can start making money. They pay money for downloading applications and referals.they are 100% trustful and they give 100 RS For 1 referrals. Mcent is the highset paying free recharge site.

if you refer 1 – then you earn 100 RS

For 10 referrals – you will earn 1000 Rs

So just send your referral link to all your friends and earn maximum

2-Ladoo – earn free talk time-

Ladoo is one of the old and popular free recharge app that is very genuine. Ladoo is also very similar to true balance. It also provides free recharge for doing some simple tasks and invite.Ladoo providing Rs 10 per each refer.


DOWNLOAD FREEB free recharge app. refer your friends and earn rs 20 o each. means you will get 200 rs on 10 refers.

4-Mobi TalkTime – New free recharge android app-

Mobi TalkTime is a good free recharge android app. They paying Rs 25 for each successful refer.And paying good amount of free recharge per works [ downloading apps etc]

5-Earntalktime – Free Unlimited Recharge-

This is an another free recharging android app. You can earn talk time by just downloading the android apps and reffering. They also paying good amount for downloading and refferinng. They pay 25 per referer.This is an great oppurtunity to earn talk time. Simple reffering and downloading apps you can make 100 per daily. they are giving RS 47 for downloading amazon app. so just amazon via earntalktime and earn rs 47.

6-True Balance – Get Free Recharge with your android device-

You can earn free recharges by completing some tasks there and also earn free recharge by referring your friends to true balance.

they are providing Rs 30 per each successful refer. which is one of the highest referral rewards available currently.

7-Pokkt Earning App – earn Rs. 10 Per Refer-

Pokket earning app is an another free recharge giving app. they offer rs 10 per each refer.

8.Get Free 1000 Rs Goibibo cash-

Goibibo now offering free 1000 rs goibibo cash for android users. you can use this goibibo cash  during check out when travel Booking. That means you can travel anywhere free upto 1000rs using this goibib cash. so don’t miss the great opportunity, follow the below steps

  1. Download Goibibo app [download from google playstore]

2.Automatically your account will be credited with 1000rs

  1. use this cash while checkout any travel booking. free anywhere with goibibo. Book your travel route free…. 


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