Hide Drives from CMD in Windows

Sometimes we have many important or personal data in our hard drives. We have to hide that data,We want a perfect solution for hiding this data in our computer. With this trick, you can hide your computer drive and easily save your sensitive and top secret data from your friends and family.if there is no drive no one think about what you have.This trick is very simple, If people don’t see your drives then simply they don’t see your data.


Now I will tell you about How to Hide Any Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt-

Step 1-
Firstly open command prompt,for opening cmd
Press “Windows + R” and type “cmd”.


Step 2-
Now type “DISKPART” in cmd.
Now a new Dialog box open with command prompt.


Step 3-
Now Type “LIST VOLUME”in the command prompt and press enter.
Now you see your all window drives or volumes with name or numbers.

Step 3:
Now remember the volume letter or number you want to hide and type “SELECT VOLUME number or letter”.


Step 4:
Next type “REMOVE LETTER D”(Type the drive letter you want to hide, here I wrote D just for an example.)


Now go to MY Computer and check the drive is hidden.

Step 5:
To unhide the drive again, just type “ASSIGN LETTER letter of Drive” .

Now the drive or partition you have hidden will appear now.


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