Share your android screen to others without root.

Hey guys here we have a new trick about the sharing of android screen from one phone to another.this is very excited trick. it is the best trick for monitoring your childrens,girlfriend,your employees phone .this trick share your android screen to another with a pin which is unique and by getting that pin we have full access of seeing his/her phone .This trick have no limits of distance we use this trick from anywhere to any where .there is no root required for this trick.

For offline sharing of screen CLICK HERE

Now i will show you how we see victims android screen in our  android phone-

Step 1-
Firstly we have to download an app called INKWIRE in victims as well as your phone ,for downloading CLICK HERE


Step 2-
Now install and open the app on victims phone.

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Step 3-
Now for accessing victims phone click on share screen and copy the code which is given .


Step 4-
Now open inkwire app on your phone and click on access and then type the copied code .


Now you have a permission to see victims phone..
Make sure you have to hide the app by blocking the notification access of inkwire app in victims phone for hiding the screen sharing …


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